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supermarket sweep!

i was forced to leave my house for a couple of hours on tuesday while some work was being done. i normally would’ve just sat outside, but it was pouring rain for the first time in months and months here in san diego, and i had to seek shelter.

i left the dogs, telling the mexicano workers who spoke barely english that if the dogs get in their way just yell at them “GET ON YOUR BED!” and there was lots of nodding and smiling and ‘si, si” and then i was gone.

i called my friend wheels, who works nearby, on the off chance he & dingo wanted to go to lunch with me, but he was “working on something” probably involving photoshop slides of ship hulls.

so i went to the grocery store, needing to get some raw meaty bones for my dogs and to kill about an hour and a half in the dry space. and for the first time, i looked at my grocery store – the people working, the people shopping, the muffins hardening, the sunglasses-go-round i spent a half hour in front of trying every bad pair, sketching out the pharmacist i’m sure, the homeless man pushing a cart with just a plastic clamshell full of the bakery chocolate cookies, old women bickering in a slavic language in front of the meat case finally taking 4 huge sides of red & white ribs to feed fifty, and the firemen strutting up & down the aisles making sure they get respect shopping for the guys at the station, and on and on.

other than the people, there are so many *products* at the grocery store, it’s really incredible. i won’t get into it, but just know that those shelves hold more secrets than any of us has time for. wheels was kind enough to text message me throughout my stay at ralph’s, making it all the more pleasant. he suggested i make a castle out of coffee cans in the middle of the aisle, but i regretfully declined.

i did buy one of what i thought was the most random thing i could find to show him, though, and here it is wheels:

SPICY INDIAN PUPPODUMS – cooks in seconds

i got home, the work was done, los workers were gone, the rain had stopped, and the dogs got fed.