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fluff hunt 2001

what do you do when you’re in chapel hill, north carolina, and you really need a fluffernutter? with real fluff, not marshmallow creme? you pick up another yankee friend at 11PM on a school night, both put on 2XXL denver broncos t-shirts and thermal legging pants and start driving.

first – west to greensboro. fluff at food lion? (click to see)

keep going west, fluff in winston-salem?

not looking good going west, we know they have it in maryland, let’s head back towards the coast. huge fires on the side of the road:

fluff in roanoke, virgina?

fluff in baltimore, maryland?

that’s the real stuff there:

what a rush

his name is jeff, he was a sous chef-

a couple of fluffernutters in the car and it’s back to chapel hill. somebody’s house fell off its trailer:

the end.