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blake russell wins big race!

my friend, frosty beverage man, told me he & his wife saw my old roomate, blake (used to be) phillips, now blake russell, yesterday after SHE WON the 15k Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida! go blake!

you know he’s not slow

i can’t find A single picture of blake from back when we lived together, but i did find this one that she took, of me & frosty beverage man, sitting in front of the house that she & i lived in, in smurf village. she thought it was funny that we’d sit at the bus stop like it was a lounge chair.

you can see her profile & talking about why she loves running on the reebok website here – click on ATHLETES, she’s 2/3 way down

speedy gonzalez!

here too is a picture of frosty beverage man’s cousin:

and another of frosty beverage man’s friends who may or may not have in their sleep peed on or been peed on by a friend of mine, nobody knows.

anyway, congratulations blake! keep running fast!
the end.