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how i’ve been a friend to Travoltordo

Travoltordo is a #2 pencil drawing of a man 1/2 Mike Gordon (from Phish,) 1/2 John Travolta( from Saturday Night Fever) –
here’s a good look of craig & him back when he was shiny & new-

and now he has so many beautiful signatures, including Mike Gordon! But the real John Travolta sig remains elusive…

that’s me in the reflection:

i wrote back to the fan club asking if Mr Travolta would sign the original fake Travoltordo, but got no response. so for now, the original fake hangs in its trophy case –

hopefully we will get the final Travolta signature some time soon, completing the mission set by Dan Lebowitz of ALO and fulfilling Travoltordo’s destiny, maybe at one of his book signings next fall. thank you for showing me the way to happiness, mr. travolta and travoltordo!

don’t forget to look at travoltordo’s home, especially the photos, run by his caretaker shiny blue craig –

travoltordo’s tribe home