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happy birthday phil! adios j, j & m!

at midnight, guadalajara joe led us all in ‘happy birthday’ to shiny haired phil!

i went to santa barbara yesterday for jay & jess & miles’ going away dinner/art sale/music show and it was fantastic.

loving the west indian girl spacey trippy rock that rolls

kind of like the flaming lips but easier on the eyes & just very damn good

art show!

jay gets down to another awesome performance by tweener king guadalajara joe!

damn i’m going to miss that guy on the dancefloor.

not so fantastic was the deal at the hotel santa barbara. hotel security shut down our ‘party’ before it even started.

they didn’t buy the line that it wasn’t a party, we were working, it was a photoshoot. it was only 7 or 8 of us, fine upstanding citizens, being civil and polite and not drunk, wanting only to converse reasonably and maybe have ah beer and that’s it.

on the train home today i wrote some lyrics for “welcome to the hotel santa barbara” (to the tune of the eagles’ classic ‘hotel california’).

Welcome to the Hotel Santa Barbara
We’ll kick you out
You don’t even have to shout

Plenty of room at the Hotel Santa Barbara
Where it’s always late
And we don’t negotiate

Party in the lobby
not up in your room
no one has a good time here
we’re the hotel of doom
nice people kicked on the sidewalk
at 2 AM
if they’re not registered guests
out the door with them

Welcome to the Hotel Santa Barbara
now it’s time to go
this means you, G-Joe

No livin it up at the Hotel Santa Barbara
grumpy front desk guy
just won’t let it slide


and then just about 40 minutes from home, my train smashed a small pickup truck and man who was driving it. trainwreck in encinitas.

hope you had a great birthday phil, dig the spirit of 76, and best of everything (mejor de todo?) to jay, jess & miles the intrepid adventurers in search of a home that fits their vibe in cadaques, espana.