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cops love me

10/14/06 3:30PM

Pulled over in Del Mar
Followed for past mile from highway twisting streets neighborhood by
dark shark of roads
patrol car
flashes lights
Officer A. Garcia badge 50-ish
short of course stout aviators khaki
license registration proof of insurance
did i do something wrong?
i’ll tell you just as soon as you do what i just said
hand license from wallet
reach to glove box
ehh- it’s okay – everything in your name? -the registration?
yeah yeah all me
well heather you know what you’re sposta do at a stop sign?
yeahhhh- you rolled through not one but two stop signs usually you see a patrol car behind you people come to complete stop or they been drinking–?
i haven’t
Loud beeping sound muffled operator walkietalkie
okay i’m gonna let you go today with just a warning heather
writes my name in all caps in pocket notebook
but you’re gonna hafta show some more effort-?
sure yeah okay
okay boots on gravel turn walk back
shaking hands shift to drive
i thought i stopped