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bad skippy

i love peanut butter and the name of this site is skippy haha but in no way do i endorse the use of skippy peanut butter. ever. or any ‘peanut butter’ to which they’ve added cancer-causing ‘fat’ & ‘sugar’ to enhance its flavor/stirredness.

peanut butter should look like this

separation is
natural shake well stir it up
applies to good things

where do you think all the crap they add to the peanut butter goes? after years and years
lipomas everywhere

how bad is it? they won’t even give the ingredients to their ‘peanut butter’ on the skippy peanut butter website. which happens to be ba$tards.

they also make a ‘natural’ peanut butter, and instead of pumping it full of transfats like the regular skippy, they use palm oil and sugar and other garbage. it’s a trick and it’s gross marketing.

unskippy haha