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dukie bingo

a game played at carolina by mcbabe wester & i & a few others mainly during an election law class taught by a wonderful professor whose voice reminded me too much of pat (it’s time for androgyny – here comes pat!) from saturday night live to ever focus on what she was saying.

you make a bingo square (tic-tac-toe with a square around it), put the nicknames of fellow classmates who went to duke undergrad in each box, FREE in the middle. wait for them to raise their hands to ask/answer questions, cross off their nicknames X out their box and try to get 3 across, up down or diagonal – first one to do so says in street voice “BINGO” as the dukie is spouting and his or her box is x’ed and they win.

as i recall, i was the only winner and i won twice in 2 different classes and said bingo in my normal voice. many classes ended with nobody getting 3 across. sometimes it came down to the last box and so many dukies would have their hands up, a sea of dukie hands to choose, it was exciting.
it really made endless tuesday thursday classes okay.