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spare prayers

my friends from high school, Lauren & Ralph Bove (bo-vay) and their son Matthew could use some positive healing thoughts & prayers right about now.

(from Matthew’s CarePage): “A little after his first birthday, Matthew was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a very rare form of liver cancer. Although they lived in New York, his parents, Lauren and Ralph, decided to bring him up to Boston where he split time between Children’s Hospital Boston and the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana Farber Cancer Institute starting in February of ’06 until he was finally discharged this past November. In that time, Matthew underwent six rounds of chemotherapy and had 65% of his liver removed in order to fully eradicate the tumor in his body.”

unfortunately they just learned through blood tests that Matthew is not really cancer-free, they’re not sure where the cancer is now or how to fight it, they’re in a waiting game until it gets more developed and doctors can do something about it, OR until there is a healing miracle and their little boy is rid of the cancer for good.

so if you’re feeling lucky or have some extra prayers to give, please include Matthew Bove on your list of good vibe recipients, i know they would really appreciate it.