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virginia tech

weeks like this i’m glad i don’t have a tv. i’m sure the virginia tech tragedy has been on air 24/7. i’ve read many articles on it, and don’t need to hear and see every detail hashed and rehashed every 10 minutes. a lot of people are in despair, crying WHY why why? and while my heart aches for everyone involved, this shooting doesn’t make me feel like the apocalypse is any closer. one person acted insanely on monday, hundreds of people reacted bravely, intelligently, normally, heroically, with incredible compassion and genuine care for their fellow man — friend or stranger. the stories i read of professors trying to protect their classes, authorities doing all they could, students helping each other, if only by maintaining silent eye contact with another student under desks while the shooting was happening – that’s what i am left with. the lives of 32 innocent people were senselessly snuffed, their friends and families will never stop grieving, and it’s not fair or right, but it doesn’t scare me and i don’t think we’re closer to the end of the world. it makes me want to work harder for peace everywhere. so take that, gunman.