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wet on arrival

JFK new york sat on the runway
2 hours waiting to take off
arrive in Cincinnati 30 minutes after
my flight the last flight
to asheville left. got hotel
voucher took Marriott shuttle
with 10 other people Delta screwed
one girl about 25 years old
trying to get to Memphis for a funeral
mother and daughter to Louisville
calling for substitute teacher for tomorrow
everybody trying to get home
check into hotel elevator to second floor
turn left to room card out ready to swipe
turn corner & there’s the girl going to funeral
outside her room next to mine
with her rolling suitcase next to her
pants around her ankles
squatting in front of her door
i said ‘oh!’
she said ‘sorry’ & scooted back closer to her door
i said ‘that’s okay’
she kept peeing
i swiped my door key card
& went in my room