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kittens & bears

i went down to the garage yesterday and there was a cat in there! it ran inside the basement when i opened the garage door & i didn’t have time to find it or deal with it right then so i left the garage door open hoping it would find its way out while i was gone.

somebody’s been dancing on my windshield

i’d heard noises down there the night before but just kind of ignored them thinking it was people banging around in the garbage cans out front because it was garbage night.

when i got back i heard it meowing from somewhere in the tower of cardboard boxes i have in the basement so i got a broom & got holden & nacho to go down with me to try to sniff the bugger out. they were pretty useless until they heard it meowing & then they went nuts barking and jumping towards it so i had to send them upstairs. it had a collar on saying its name was JIMICA but the phone number listed was out of service.

i called my landlady/neighbor to see if she knew anybody who had a gray & brown kitten with white feet but she didn’t. she told me that she just got a call from another neighbor that a BEAR was seen walking down my street the night before. there’s a lot of development going on in the area and you’re not allowed to shoot bears in the city of asheville so i guess it’s kind of a problem with bears coming into neighborhoods and eating dogs that bark and run up to them. so i need to find a way to make holden & nacho afraid of bears.

anyway i took the kitten jimica squirming in my hands door to door through my neighborhood & found his home across the street. the guy who lives there said he’d been missing for a couple days.

greetings from animal planet.