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new bedmate

i’m sleeping with a Giant Carolina Wolf Spider. I thought he was a hallucination or a tarantula but my good friend the internet made me doubt it because tarantulas don’t usually live near here. last night for the 3rd time (at least) in the past few weeks i’ve woken up in the middle of the night to see a tarantula somewhere on the bed & i scream & or suck in air & jump out of bed & turn on the light & grab for something flat & heavy to kill him/shield myself & he flashes away somewhere so fast & when i work up courage to follow him where he sprinted to, he’s vanished.

the dogs are no help, they don’t even seem to notice. he’s huge, like 4 inches wide looks like a serious tarantula in the dark. he can live for 3 years. if i die of mysterious causes like a heart attack in my bed sometime soon, this is why.