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4th grade long island homework

Grade #4
Long Island # 16

1. People who work in factories are called blue collar workers.

2. The firm that employs most of the people on Long Island is Grumman.

3. The first large housing development on L.I. was built by Abraham Levvit.

4. A shopping area that has many kinds of stores is called a mall.

5. People who work in offices are called white collar workers.

6. The daily newspaper is Newsday.

7. The area outside of a city is suburbs.


1. The advantages of living in a suburb is you don’t have to live near crowded lines to get in and out of things in the city. The disadvantages of living in a suburb is you have to go into the city most of the time to go shopping.

2. My family moved to Long Island because my father worked in our cellar in Rhode Island, and his company was in Queens. We moved because he would be payed more and we could have 3 weeks on vacation instead of 2.