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last week

huge accident on 321
sit still catch up

freezing scurry spicy salsas salmon paquetez tequila tip

bikes on wagons stone cottage balcony smoky
gotten dogs in burbanks pool
more than 1 mandolin woodpole jamboree

birthday bagels burned then not quite melted but ok banananut
modelfest great rookies spiked coffee
everybody’s sick or coming down with something
or otherwise germy american spirits don’t count
crackers & cheese i need you book of answers

laughing seed bloody mary ginger cider soup sweet tangy hot peanut sauce
yarn craft walk wine text ingredient
french broad chocolate lounge heaven
green life capers clams olive oil garlic
if you mess up just keep knitting
computer resort research passing stones

liquor store CVS prosecco is very pleasant
nectarine round the bend lava cocktail jigsaw
bikers hot dog king stolen pizza stiff caucasian bromance
hell breaks loose we’re completely fucked tears
break loose hands wrung pacing phoenix ashes rising all that
beating myself up for getting to this spot at this point

sleep compose send fret

ditch days plans to visit ostentatious display of personal wealth in estate form in light of recent turn
chat think decide think to move cry absorb
resolve sorry the damp overwhelms

headstand think straight

walk dogs to woods
seinfeld’s J Peterman & his 4 dogs

march straight like cadets
while nacho bucks and leaps and tries to hop on them all
and they pull a swift detour right up
a dirt embankment on somebody’s lawn
to avoid the encounter
past the man who lives in the minivan
i sometimes see on the white house porch

whatchoo want the whole enchilada
celtic dancing frozen top kick step full lunar eclipse

continental heineken extortion letter demand $7500
memo wikipedia ‘first sale doctrine’
backpedaled immediately

down to the river worryin about nothing
pulled pork corn pudding mashed sweet potato
pie plate corn bread tender collards sweet tea
we’re not tresspassing rat trap texting plans
winter weather invisible ice pellets sleet bier garden
yonder cruise ship fishman hoedown hotbox
boombox house party excellent not my lover numb legs
toss turn gland yin chiao

picnics no pecan pie blueberry apple harvest
you can take em on the plane with ya
friendliest fellow diners with formed ideas
about drunkenness in native americans and scotch irish
it wasn’t the time and place to stand up to her
but when is? it couldve opened her mind next time
easy drive to queen city long enough for hug and gas
stopped up on the road again