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sick and dirty

around 8 pm last night i started hearing medieval growling and spurting in the pipes and around the toilet in the house, i called the water company & got a recording that there was main line repair near my house and it would be fixed by midnight. this morning the recording says it will be fixed by 2 this afternoon. all my water has been and will be off until then.

everybody i know is currently sick or has been sick in the past few weeks. i mean everybody. i have had swollen glands and a sore throat and clogged ears for the past week. it’s not been debilitating, it just feels like i’m about to come down with something major but it keeps just simmering so i feel like i am stuck in the contagious stage and don’t want to go mingle with others for everybody’s sake.

have you or someone you know been sick with the flu or headcold in the past two weeks? anybody else want to call jacoby & meyers?