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home alone

i left the house at 9:30 thursday morning, and returned today (sunday) around 3PM. my wonderful neighbor was supposed to come over twice a day to feed holden & nacho and let them go outside, and she forgot. she has been traveling all over the country and accidentally deleted the cell phone reminders she’d set for herself and has been visiting a sick friend in the hospital, and i didn’t call her before i left to make sure it was still on her radar, so the pups were inside the house for over three days with no food. she was completely beside herself inconsolable with sorrow when i called her and we realized what happened. i am just happy the pups didn’t turn cannibal on each other. there was still water left in their bowl and they are completely fine and romping around happy as clams. a couple dusty accidents on the sun room carpet, and it’s like nothing even happened – it’s like they were on a 3-day fast. she just came over really upset, but felt better once she saw that the dogs are absolutely a-ok.