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can safes

can safes, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

the bottom of each of these cans unscrews, revealing a secret jar inside perfect for stashing money, jewels, whatever valuables you may have.

buy or bid on eBay or email me to buy one outside of eBay.

they are the world’s luckiest diversion safes. each one blessed by the ‘cops love me‘ cop.

*also, anybody who would like to donate their cans and jars to me for this ongoing project, i would be eternally grateful. reduce, reuse, recycle. i’m looking for (1) wide-mouth glass jars with lids and no onion smells, (2) cans with the bottom cut off – *and cut along the height of the cylinder, not around the inside circle of the top* and labels intact and their cut-off bottoms, and (3) plastic peanut butter jars with tops and labels.