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i spackled sausages to a hostel door in sydney australia.

it was july 2000 (australian winter), i was there for 5 weeks to study health law & professional responsibility with about 30 other american law students.

it was sausage links from the dining room attached with vegemite & it was small & tasteful and said “EXTRAORDINARY” (any photos have been tragically lost in a disposable camera neglect accident.)

the room’s occupant sent an email to everybody in the group the next day titled ‘petty vandals,’ and it was extraordinary, recounting when the maid, emerelda, found it, thinking it was human fecal matter, yelled at him: “WHY DO THIS?!?!”

the reason we did this was the room’s occupant was perceived to be haughty & pretentious, and took himself extremely seriously, not unlike many law students, using 50 cent words such as ‘extraordinary’ during class for no reason. and rather than be caring compassionate people and ignore this, his door was hit.

8 years later i’m not really that sorry. is this a character flaw? righteousness? playground bullying? the maid had to clean the same amount as wiping a plate, and while in reality it only caused him to take himself more seriously, it made sense at the time. and i’m pretty sure pretentiousness is a force worth fighting.