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if I had an air-o-plane i still couldnt make it on time

i am making soup for the first time. i put vegetable broth & a bunch of cut up vegetables and spices in the crock pot on low this morning.

i am going tomorrow afternoon to pick up the keys to my new place. it is half the size of this place, i am going to measure to see what will fit. it is fenced on one side, i might try to fence the other three. it doesn’t have a washer or dryer, i might get a compact washer & clothesline for summer at least.

i am not moving my furniture for a couple weeks, i have both places til the end of april, i can’t believe it’s been over a year since i moved to asheville, i’m very glad i did.

i have been doing a lot of research and development and experimenting with the peanut butter jar safes, finally getting down to a set process and procedure and tools and method that are the easiest and make the best hidden jar safes most efficiently. it’s still an art not a science yet. i thought of a slogan – your safe is secret with me.
here’s the laboratory under the watchful eye of a city councilman who thinks the place smells like an amsterdam hash bar.

can safes