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bruised & battered

my move yesterday was a success. i drove a 26 foot truck around these winding asheville streets, even backing out of a narrow lane, without hitting anything. two incredibly amazingly nice friends helped me move all my big heavy furniture to my new place, and my arms and legs feel dead and are covered in scrapes, scratches and bruises the size of dill pickles. my back is in a constant state of clench. the toilet in the new place is still a hole in the floor.
i have a few moles i want a dermatologist to look at and say ‘beauty marks’ so i called to make an appointment back in december and my insurance is so lame they wouldn’t let me go to any just any doctor, so i have to go to a male doctor & the earliest appointment they had was for four months later – 815 tomorrow morning. it’s supposed to be snowing tomorrow morning. and i am covered in bruises. but i am also fluorescent white which i think is a good time to see the dermatologist about sun spots.