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so high so low

i had a ladies only modelfest here tonight and it was glorious, and then it was terrible, and now it is glorious again. after about 100 photos the nikon d70 camera started showing CHA and FOR instead of the number count, and i ejected and re-inserted the memory card and the battery between every photo and it was not really working and when i tried to view all them on the computer, the files turned into folders with nothing in them and the letters looked like they were written with wingdings. it looked like all was lost. hours of irreplaceable one-of-a-kind inspired beautiful hard work gone poof like that.

but then i went to and downloaded their software and they got my photos back! it’s a middlemay miracle!

i’m not sure if it’s something wrong with the memory card (sandisk ultra II, 1 month old) or with the camera.

yes, i love technology, but not as much as you, you see… but I STILL love technology… always and forever.

now it’s past 5am, the roof of my mouth has been chopped by kettlecorn, ive gotten all the chocolate bits out of the trailmix, there are helmets and sombreros on my bed i think it’s time to sleep.