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end of the night

end of the night, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

the aerogarden is trucking right along, the greens are sprouting from every pod. another couple weeks & it’ll be harvest time.

all my temecula wine glasses are also holding up, as is the glass i have from west point that says “With Pride We Defend USMA 97.” i got it 10 years ago at a dance at west point and i drink OJ from it every morning. right up there with meeting Ray Knight and having Tea Leaf Green say happy birthday to me is the Camp Buckner weekend in august 1994 when my bestest girl friends & i went up to west point for a dance with extremely cute older boys in uniforms. no! sleep! til buckner! we all had just graduated high school & were leaving for college in the next couple of weeks & it was just a really exciting time full of freedom and hormones.