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DITLOA reception

there was a reception tonight for the DITLOA (day in the life of asheville) photo project from april.

the pack library downtown hung the shots in their glass hallway windows, and tonight the photographers brought snacks and family and mingled and looked at the photos.

i picked ‘family walk‘ to be printed, and one of the judges picked ‘clothesline‘ to be printed also, so i have two hanging up there.

i am proud of myself for going to the reception. i went by myself and i didn’t know (in real life) anybody who was going , though i avidly read some of their websites and might be ‘contacts’ on flickr. there was no liquor, during daylight hours, could be kind of intense in a room full of 60 people all with cameras, as one who greatly avoids being photographed. so it was kind of a scary uncomfortable thing that afterwards i am very glad i did. it was excellent and kind of surreal to see these creative talented people in 3-D.

i met in real life

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and they were all just plain lovely

my dates with destiny were gone in no time flat

if you are downtown, walk into the library and look at all the photos – they’re captivating and offer a hundred new reasons to love asheville

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