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insect update

i have moved away from a black widow’s nest to a new house that i found holds a couple little black widows of its own, but nothing like the last spider’s den.

the newest form of wildlife to plague my existence however is the amazing jumping spider, also known as the camel cricket or the cave cricket. it looks like a nice big thick bodied and legged spider but it JUMPS. 2 feet in the air from a standstill. i have killed three in my bathroom this week. i killed two with a flyswatter and i made nacho kill one. from a sound sleep in another room he rushed to my aid hearing “nacho! nacho! get him! get him nacho! he’s jumping! right there! nacho get him! jumping!” and the friendly polar bear cub batted at the cave cricket with his paw and off came a couple cave cricket legs and nacho looked at me like ‘this is not food’ and that was pretty much the end. i realize the wallpaper looks like a butterfly bamboo forest but it is not acceptable place for jumping insects to live.