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happy birthday holden! get well soon!

holden’s first ride home, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

holden my loyal little friend turns a ripe old 10 today. this is from his ride home after being plucked from the breeder’s bargain bin.

i just got back from the vet, where i left holden. he is right now in surgery to remove a rib from his intestines. i didn’t feed him any ribs, i guess he got it somehow in the neighbor’s yard where he was playing wednesday. he threw up twice yesterday and i wasn’t too worried, then threw up again today & i took him in to the vet.

he might be able to come home tomorrow or he might have to stay the whole weekend at the emergency vet.

we’re talking thousands of dollars. and one sick, sick puppy.

i was supposed to go tubing down the green river tomorrow with a bunch of people, not any more.

i hope he’s okay. my little buddy.

***UPDATE***Friday 8PM

just talked to the vet, holden made it through surgery, the bone was in his upper small intestine, caught in the spot where he had surgery back when he was 2 & ate a pair of my roommate’s tights. it was just about to perforate, another day and he would’ve been a goner. she said they saved the bone for me. he’s doped up on pain killers resting overnight and she’ll call first thing in the morning to let me know how he’s doing. but so far so good.