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struts and frets

i’ve come to think that drama is a choice. as in – you can choose to create it, maintain it, encourage it, or you can dispel it, be transparent and real and honest, and rise above & not allow it to continue. yell cut.

i think a lot of misunderstandings turn into major grudges because they are not either aired out completely at the start or risen above. you can’t let them fester. it gives a negative issue too much power in your life. life is too short to worry about what someone might have meant when they wrote or said or did whatever it is. either tell them they hurt you and ask why, or take a step back, understand where they may be coming from, forgive them whatever their intent, and get past it asap.

i think a lot of us go through life like it’s a ‘three’s company’ episode full of misunderstandings and miscommunications, secrets and deceptions, pretending to be gay so the landlord lets you stay. and it’s not really necessary.

in my experience some misunderstandings turn out to be funny when both sides realize where the communication broke down.

and tragic when they don’t.

so do your best. and follow the golden rule, and if everyone does good will be done to you.