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the southeast is in a drought.

where i am it is higher than extreme – it is exceptional.

i moved here from southern california because i missed rain. i felt guilty every time i turned on the faucet knowing that they dammed the colorado river to get water to san diego, a desert, and that’s not right.

the past couple weeks ive really started to notice all the lawns in asheville are brown like hay.

it’s depressing.

there’s nothing i can do about it but move.

i don’t have to live here – my job is on the internet and i can live anywhere with electricity.

i love it here and i love all the people i’ve met.

i feel guilty about sucking water out of an overtaxed system.

i absolutely would not have moved here had i known about this drought.

i’m thinking of vermont. i’m thinking of colorado. i’m thinking of oregon.

is that crazy?

i hate feeling guilty, and every time i use water that’s just how i feel.

the rivers are way down, the lakes are way down, trees and bushes are dying of thirst, this is no good.