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civic duty

every year BlogAsheville gives out awards to local blogs. nominations are going on now until September 10.

from the official post at BlogAsheville:

Here’s how the 2008 Awards will work:

– Nominations will open today in the various categories

– You can nominate any BlogAsheville blogroll blog

– You can nominate yourself

– Any BlogAsheville reader can make nominations

– A blog can be nominated for multiple categories

– Smart people will link to the blogs they nominate

– Nominations will remain open until September 10th at 1:34pm

– You can copy and paste the list of categories into the comments [at BlogAsheville, not here! – skippy] and go through them all, or just pick and choose the ones you’d like.

– If you don’t want to leave your nominations in the comments, you can email them to me at scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo DECIMAL com

On September 12 I’ll post the list of nominees, and folks can get to voting.

Here are your categories:

Best Craft Blog

Most Likely to Make Money by Blogging

Least Likely to Make Money by Blogging

Blogger I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With

Least Likely to Care About Traffic

Most Likely to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Best Art/Photos

Best Food

Blogger you’d most like to see naked

Biggest Slacker

Best Design

Best Local Happenings

Best Political

Best Blog Beginning with the word “The”

Makes Me Feel Happiest

Most Inspirational

Most in Need of a Redesign

Most Likely to Have New Material

Best New Blog (created in the last 12 months)

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Best Writing

Best Overall

i think there are a number of excellent websites being maintained in this town, i had a hard time narrowing the choices down but my list has been sent. anybody can nominate, you do not have to be on the blogroll or live in asheville or anything.