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asheville gear stolen!

September 12, 2008

Dear fans, family, and friends,

Please forward this to everyone you know in Asheville NC….

So we played at show at the Garage at Biltmore last night in Asheville NC and had to leave our bus there because our fuel filter needed changing (and we were going to cange it in the morning) long story short…someone (or people) stole gear from our bus and below is a list of what it was. The worst thing about it is our lighting guy, Brian, had his recording gear from which he makes his living off of (valued at $8000) stolen. It was probably stolen between 3:30 and 8am. If you have any information about the gear below please email or call me as soon as possible. Luckly we still have all our instruments and lights so the tour will go on as scheduled with the exception of our alley katz show in Richmond VA tonight (9/12) which has been canceled so we can deal with this issue.

Stuff that was stolen

1. Brand new Red Ibenez Artcore Hollow body guitar, double humbuckers
In a epiphone case, semi scratched. Pocket Rocket headphone amp inside in console with $300-500 cash in it.

2. Macbook Pro silver. 15 inch. Not even a year old. Little bit of a dent on right front corner. In a foam silver and black gun case.

3. Macbook Black. Little beat up. One scratch in the middle of the screen.

4. Sound Devices 442 four channel mixer – Black

5. Sound Devices 744T four channel recorder – Silver

6. Schoeps condenser microphone w/ GVC & Cut 1 – silver

7. Audio Technica condenser microphone –Black

8. Sony 7506 Headphones – very used

9. Sony Cybershot camera 8.1 megapixels -silver

Total value approx. $12,000

Brett R. Wilson / Bombshelter Records
Management for Roots of Creation
Ph: 603-801-4477


Eastern Mtn. Sports –
Peterborough Music Company –

Roots of Creation c/o
Bombshelter Records
PO Box 491
Rindge NH 03461

stealing musical instruments from a band? how low can you go? bastards! help these folks get their gear back!