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what “stud” mean?

nacho, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i have a flickr friend named Diana from Indonesia. Diana has a beautiful golden retriever boy named Gogo. She is trying to learn English, and here’s an exchange we had through comments –


Diana&Gogo says:
Yeah Nacho you are so cute and handsome…. Love your smile 🙂
Posted 36 hours ago.

skippy haha says:
thanks diana! he does look like a little stud here, doesn’t he?
Posted 27 hours ago.

Diana&Gogo says:
skippy haha actually I am so shy asking you this question but what “stud” mean? I try to find the meaning in dictionary (the dictionary write related with horse) I really confuse +_+. Are you trying to say Nacho look like a little Horse here?

Hehe…. I’m keep trying to improve my English. Plz be patient to my language and my question (I’m a person that never tired to learn and asking question for everything I don’t understand). ThQ….
Posted 17 hours ago.

skippy haha says:
Diana, that is great, I hope i can help you learn english! I think a “stud” means a handsome male dog, that all the lady dogs want to be with! Like a movie star! If he is a STUD, he is so handsome that all the lady dogs want to have puppies with him :)! Gogo is DEFINITELY a stud!
Posted 4 hours ago.