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barry’s buds endorses obama

this is a fantastic newsletter from Barry Cooper, the ex-Texas trooper who now does “Never Get Busted” DVDs and lectures all over the country about legalizing marijuana, and how ineffective the drug war has been, and how so many people’s lives are ruined getting busted for herb.

i think he’s funny and honest and i like his straightforward style and he wholeheartedly believes what he’s saying.

the newsletter starts:

Candi and I often use the phrase, “these Americans are crazy!” We use this term when referencing the Americans who support McCain and Palin and the right wing conservatives of our country. We see McCain as a fake, old, mean, power hungry, little man with crazy dark eyes that dart around looking for approval. I remember facing McCain in an elevator regarding our current marijuana laws only to see him dart away as I was shoved by some of his security. The entire incident was captured by a freelancer who placed it on you tube here:

gnarly footage of Barry Cooper try to confront McCain on an elevator with Cindy McCain and some shady bodyguards about marijuana harming people when it really helps people.

the newsletter also features such gems as:

“I have no respect for McCain and wish we were all on an anarchist island together so I could kick his ass…he deserves it!”


“So vote for Obama. He is half black and half white and totally opposes the crazy Bush and McCain generation of government. “

check it out here.