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holden health saga – part a million

i walked into my bedroom and holden was sitting next to the laundry basket, looking at it and repeatedly swallowing.

he looked suspicious.

i looked in the laundry basket and saw only one sock of a pair of thick knee socks.

i freaked the hell out.

stamping my feet, crying, hand wringing, yelling at holden “WHY! GODDAMN IT! YOU FUCKING DOG! THIS IS IT!”

i have a broken CD alarm clock that for some reason goes off every day at noon and midnight (since daylight savings it’s 11am and 11pm) and plays the josh phillips folk festival CD in there, which is an upbeat, soulful CD. i yelled at the clock, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” and punched it off.

i pried open his teeth and stuck my hand as far down his throat as it would go.

i turned the laundry basket upside down looking for the other sock.

i thought about waiting to see if he would throw it up, or he would poop it out, but then i started thinking if i wait longer than 2 hours and it moved into his intestines, it could get stuck in the kinks where he’s had 2 surgeries in the past, and would require another risky surgery for thousands of doghairs.

so i called the vet to see about the shot to make him throw up. i was crying & said i can’t take it anymore, i have spent close to $10,000 on him this year. if he needs surgery, i can’t do it.

i brought him in and they x-rayed him, saw the sock in his stomach, and gave him a shot of amorphine to make him throw it up.

now he’s back home, on the dog bed resting and slightly gagging, and i’m right next to him slightly gagging too.