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tangles, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

for the past few years i’ve attached an extra long elastic camera strap on my digital camera so i hang it around my neck and it will never fall on the floor.

nacho’s tail caught that strap yesterday and wagged the camera off the edge of the desk and the camera is no longer with us.

i was pretty furious and sour about it for a while. i dug out my box of cast-off appliances and found a camera from 3 years ago that works okay. the screen is dim and it’s slow to click and some photos have spots, but it’s better than nothing.

my friend just had intense knee surgery last week & a couple girls went to her house yesterday to nurse her while her husband was at work. we had a ball. strawberry rhubarb pie, kettle corn, the science of sleep, and lots of laughs. her leg is numb but in a machine that is constantly bending and straightening up and down all day and all night, it’s pretty wild. and gael garcia bernal is extremely cute.