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happy birthday dgold’s radio show

streaming live on the radio tonight:

The latest Honest Tunes radio LINK:

Tune in for a birthday celebration of the music of Michael Houser on Honest Tunes radio webcast, this Tuesday January 6th.

The show will be both a marathon of music (more than 2 hours, up to 4), and will feature some jams that could be called Marathon Mike because he solos so relentlessly. The highlight of the show I have planned is a new mash-up of the 2 recently uncovered versions of “Humpy Galumpy” by Houser (one with vocals, one instrumental).

Tune in Tuesday, January 6, 2009, at 8PM Central Time on KXUA and

I wanted to let you know in advance in case you have any avenues to spread the word to other friends who would be interested in hearing this program. Thanks for your support.

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