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this would suck

SC skydive instructor dies; 1st-timer lands safely
The Associated Press
Posted: Sunday, Feb. 01, 2009

CHESTER, S.C. Authorities say a skydive instructor who was sharing a parachute with a first-time jumper apparently died of a heart attack in the air.

Officials say the instructor was identified as George C. “Chip” Steele of Sumter, S.C.

The first-time jumper was able to parachute to the ground safely Saturday in Chester County. He tried to revive the 49-year-old instructor after they had landed, but the coroner’s office says it was too late.

They were skydiving in a tandem jump, where instructors are strapped to the backs of their students.

The first-time jumper was described as an active member of the military in his 30s, but his name was not immediately released.

Steele worked for Skydive Carolina and had made thousands of jumps over a lengthy career.

i jumped out of a plane in henderson north carolina in 1996. it was weird. it was a tandem jump like this one, with a guy wearing sweatpants strapped to my back. you do the math. as miserable as it was i’m glad he didn’t have a heart attack.