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newark , originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i took this photo sunday morning at newark airport thinking about all the sensory overload presented there, and just noticed the woman in the vest is the very same woman who sneezed on me twice after our flight landed in asheville and we were waiting at the gate to retrieve luggage.

i guess the new thing with sneezing is to NOT contain your germs with your hands, thinking you’ll soon touch things with your germy fingers and spread your sick. instead you’re supposed to sneeze into your elbow and contain the germs there, since you hardly touch the inside of your elbow to anything or anyone else.

there were about a dozen other passengers tightly clustered at the gate waiting for the bag cart to meet us. she was less than a foot away from me. when she sneezed, she turned her head toward me and sort of raised her bent arm to shoulder level and sneezed, containing none of her germs in her elbow, instead spraying me with them.

i sighed loudly and rolled my eyes and turned my head away and covered my mouth with my scarf to breathe.

within 20 seconds she did it again.

i said, ‘are you kidding me?!?’ and walked out of the room. she mumbled something like ‘oh i’m sorry.’

if you’re going to sneeze into your elbow, please put your elbow up to your mouth, not 6 inches in front of your face as you sneeze all over people around you.

i now have swollen glands and blame her.