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broken toes

broken toes, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

people are funny.

this photo i took of someone’s toes in a cast is the second-most clicked-on of all 3000 of my flickr photos by a mile. (the first most clicked-on is this of unc-asheville’s giant basketball player kenny george last year).

last week i got email from mike52fun about it:

Leg Cast


Was that your foot in the cast? If so, did you enjoy the attention you received while wearing it?

Have a GREAT day,

to which i replied:

Re: Leg Cast
hi MIke, no it wasn’t my foot, i was at an outdoor concert & it was the foot of a woman sitting in front of me. i’m very glad to have never broken my foot or ankle or leg.

then he wrote back:

Re: Leg Cast


Would you like to wear a cast for fun for a couple of days and see how much attention you would receive?

Have a GREAT Weekend,

i countered:

Re: Leg Cast
i don’t think so, since i do all i can to AVOID attention. i’m more of an observer than a performer. and i like to walk instead of hobble.

and finally:

Re: Leg Cast

Thank-you for your reply!

I wish you much success!


so i got that going for me.