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christ did a cow shit in here?

here’s the opening line to an email i got this week:

Hi Heather!

It’s Emily know the one that said “Christ did a cow shit in here?” in a nice little play and yes I believe you peed your pants on your parents dining room chair…that was me.

her family of 3 girls around the ages of my brother and me, i was oldest by a couple years, Emily was youngest by a few years, would come visit for a couple weeks in the summer and we would go to their house at bonnet shores in rhode island for a couple weeks in the summer too and we would do plays. the one she’s talking about she was maybe 4 or 5 years old and i was about 8th grade and she knocked on the front door in a skit from ‘kentucky fried movie’ for a fake air freshener commercial, she had white hair like an angel and knocked on the door and said ‘christ did a cow shit in here’ and it was so funny i peed on the chair.

it was either this year or the following summer.

emily is on the left, the sign says ‘politics in review,’ my brother has blue eyebrows.