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tea leaf green webcasts tonight!

From DGold:

I am hosting 2 webcasts with Tea Leaf Green on Tuesday March 9th.

First live acoustic plus interview on my radio show at KXUA 88.3 FM Fayetteville Honest Tunes after 6PM.

Later that night I will attempt to ustream their live concert at George’s Majestic Lounge around 9PM.

The links, embedded Ustream, setlist and all details posted here:

Please send out the information through your channels. That would be awesome. Help me let others know. The important info is simply this:

Tea Leaf Green Webcasting Tuesday March 9th,


Thank You for helping me to get the word out about this live music from San Francisco rockers Tea Leaf Green.

One of my favorite bands & highly recommended. Enjoy the show if you are around on Tuesday.

Honest FM, Fayetteville ARK

i’m going to put up my antenna cuz i want to tune on in.