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R.I.P. holden (June 7, 1998 – April 9, 2010)

holden had to be put to sleep last night, he ate a stick that lodged in his intestines and poked a hole through both sides and became infected. he was his normal happy self yesterday morning, went on a walk jumping around a creek and everything, and then yesterday afternoon threw up and started acting sluggish and by 4pm for the first time in his entire life he wouldn’t eat a treat i put next to his nose so we took him to the vet and he could hardly walk and they took xrays and gave him a morphine drip and got him ready for surgery and we went back there with him and petted him and told him he’s a good boy and they called a couple hours later while he was on the operating table and said the infection was too bad and i gave permission to put him to sleep and cremate him. he was only in pain for a few hours tops. he was almost 12 and his cancer was growing back and i feel lucky he didn’t go through more suffering. i’m okay and nacho is okay, we’re all okay. he taught me so much about responsibility and commitment and unconditional love. sorry for the bad news HUG your pets from holdielocks. i love you dog.