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a couple more holden memories

i forgot to add a few more important events in holden’s life –

when he was a puppy he ate the fringe off an oriental rug that had cost thousands of dollars. the owner was not pleased.

around the same time he also jumped into a brand new fancy koi pond as the horrified owner looked on.

while visiting my parents in NY, my mom had a basket of popcorn on her lap that holden was very interested in. i looked over a few seconds later and saw the basket tumble off my mother’s head, showering her with popcorn. she thought if she put it on her head holden would think it was a hat and stop begging. that backfired.

i took a year off after college before i started law school so i could get NC residency and therefore cheap tuition, and i was a nanny and i worked at the front desk of a gym in chapel hill, and i was pretty bored and sad that i wasn’t in school anymore for the first time. my brother was at boston college and had run the boston marathon a couple times with friends as a ‘bandit’ (without a number) and suggested that i train for it all year and go up there and run it with him in april. so i printed out the training schedule from runner’s world and followed it pretty religiously and was all set to go with my favorite shoes broken in perfectly and the day before i was flying up there, holden ate the back off one of my running shoes. i ran the marathon with my brother wearing a shoe with a back made of pipe cleaners and duct tape.