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the forest glen inn

the forest glen inn was my house.
i was 9 years old and had been living in new york – huntington, long island, for about 2 years and we had many many visitors friends and family from rhode island stay in the guest room during that time.
it was mainly my grandparents – flops & drez – and the revens
i painted a wooden sign and put it in the driveway when guests were coming. i made that flyer on print shop and colored it in. i made comment sheets and did turndown service. this was the first comment sheet that i typed on my dad’s old real typewriter.
drezza easter weekend 1986:
after this, i typed one and my dad brought it to work and made copies for me.
revens 1987:
at this point i seem to have charged my grandma for some lavender crap someone gave me: 
i never worked in a real hotel