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cocoa dregs

coffee + cocoa powder + honey = something almost worth getting out of bed for

i need a lot sleep. at least 9 hours. NEED it. always have. i could sleep 12 hours a night no problem.

i am at my meanest and nastiest if i feel like i am being woken up too early for no good reason. i was always the last one to get up at slumber parties. kids would be running around at sunrise and i’d put my pillow over my head and silently curse them all. luckily i am a very heavy sleeper.

i am not hungry in the morning and don’t care about missing breakfast.

now that it’s dark so early, i feel like going to bed at 7PM, and i am so grateful that i can do that sometimes.

maybe i’m just a chronically depressed brat, but really i feel a million times better when i’ve slept half the day.