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father daughter dance (1984)

i went to cedar hill elementary school for kindergarten through second grade. every year they had a ‘father daughter dance’ and i went both years. i think i wore this same blue velvet vest get-up both years. this picture is the second year and the get-up barely fits. i have a muffin top. or as my dad would say ‘it’s not fat, it’s extended stomach…really…it’s hard.” i love my giant corsage and the rope bracelet i wore for YEARS until it was so nasty it had to be cut off.

i remember the dance being FUN. dancing in the school cafeteria. at night. to the go-go’s and ‘the boy from new york city.’ and doing the thing where you hold your dad’s hands and he flings you under his legs and then you go flying up in the air.

those wicker thrones are called peacock chairs. i found & scanned this photo to add to the listing of a peacock chair wall-hanging i’m selling on etsy.