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escape to florida

we went to tallahassee last week to escape the roofing that is going on here.
we hung out with fambly, ate tons of great food, went to shell oyster bar, a florida state vs unc baseball game, leon sinks (not spinks) where kevin got a tick bite and chigger bites and nacho and eli swam in sinkholes.
while we were at the baseball game, nacho and eli got up on the counter and ate 7 of rose‘s arthritis pills and a half bag of dog treats.
it was great to go down there and chill while the banging was going on here at home. it’s going worse than i expected, and i expected hell.
the 4 roofers arrive at 730 am, and leave between 5 and 630 pm, taking an hour for lunch. the rest of the day is drilling and banging, with enough force that pictures fall off the wall.
they are about halfway done, and it has been 2 weeks.