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2 tvs

i realized last night that some television brings me feelings of peace; some television brings me feelings of agitation.
baseball and golf bring peace.
nature shows about cheetahs and polar bears bring me peace.
my inner landscape is flowing and free and soothed while watching.
99% of commercials, the news, bill maher, pro football, hyper-dramatic reality shows based on nothing but the drama between idiots bring me great agitation. i find myself talking back to the tv. out loud. twisted inside. in actual clenched physical pain watching these nitwits and the sensory overload of their mindless, shallow violence. 
maybe i’m too critical or empathetic, but the pain i feel is real and toxic.
don’t even get me started on entourage. is this the best we can do? as a culture, this is what we choose to glorify? money, drugs, and pornography?  it’s maddening!

bring on the peaceful easy tv.