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whirlwind of fun

the past week has been a veritable fun-a-palooza.
started with seeing the trey pistachio band at thomas wolfe auditorium. ripping! dance party! covered gorillaz ‘clint eastwood‘ which has been in my head ever since.
continued the next night with all kinds of smoked meat and cheese in bite size portions at curate tapas bar with a table full of fun folks. the porron was a medieval device whereby you pour lemon beer all over your face and clothes. then onto louis ck show, again at thomas wolfe auditorium. which i noticed is having ceiling issues but is still a beautiful venue.
kevin’s parents and their sweet ebony bitch rose came for a few days this week and we toured the biltmore house. i’ve been in asheville for over 4 years and never been down there. it was pretty spectacular. highlights were the hand-tooled leather wallpaper in one room, the cantilevered staircases, and the ridiculous view. the winery was also fun, because hey! free wine!
on to tupelo honey with the fried green tomatoes over goat cheese grits under strips of fresh basil. my mouth waters still. 
spent time yesterday at the grovewood gallery at the grove park inn. when i saw 95% of the things in there i said “i LOVE that!” these chairs were amazing. the lamps! the benches! everything is handmade and so unique. if i had unlimited budget and an empty house, i’d go there first.
then i sold a t-shirt for $120 today. one t-shirt. i was kind of kidding with the price, but some lucky girl in pennsylvania was not. i was sad to see it go but hope it has a new fun life.