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my 33 year old brother chris had pulmonary embolisms on saturday. that means blood clots in the tissue between his heart and lungs.
he was in africa for two weeks for business and took a 20 hour flight back to the US last week. he closed on his first real house friday afternoon. he had chest pain friday and it was getting worse throughout saturday, and thought he pulled a muscle or cracked a rib. then he couldn’t breathe and finally went to the hospital. he’s lucky he didn’t trow a seven.
he’s expected to make a full recovery and be home later this week. and into their new home this weekend.
the picture above is from 1984 when my 33 year old mother was in the hospital for the exact same thing. my dad took us to the spring carnival by himself and we had our faces painted.

you never know when you’ll want to grate cheese so it’s good to have a rusted antique grater hanging on the wall.