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tallahassee trip

on the way to tallahassee last week, we passed this corner with two brand new drug stores. walgreens vs. cvs. there were no other stores of any kind around either of them. don’t companies do research before building anymore? insane.
a little farther down the road we stopped at a chick-fil-a. the other half of the restaurant was called “Dwarf House.” apparently there are a few of them in the area. it seemed like a denny’s. again, insane.
friday morning we went downtown to the veteran’s day parade. we saw the famu marching 100. the rattlers. i cried and cried when the floats of the families of kids who died in wars rode by. they had banners with the kids’ names and pictures on them. good lord. there were many higher points like this fun “high five a vet” guy.
also strawberries were eaten by adorable little girls in sherpa jackets with polar bear ears attached.
later in the weekend i shucked 60+ of the most delicious oysters you could imagine. salty and cold and fresh. eli and nacho were very interested in this process. so interested in fact that after some of the oysters were dredged and fried and the peanut oil was dumped in the pine straw, nachodoggy the nitwit ate the pine straw and dirt and threw up brown shit all over kevin’s mom’s white carpet at 6am. good times!
finally, there was a birthday party for a really sweet 3 year old girl whose favorite color is YELLOW.